When was Ant Financial founded?
Ant Financial Services Group was founded in October 2014 and originated from Alipay, which was founded in 2004.
Why is the company called “Ant Financial”?
The ant is a symbol of a small but tenacious force in the natural world. Ants may be small, but they have limitless strength when they work together. The ant also symbolizes our trust in and reliance on small and micro enterprises.
Where is Ant Financial headquartered?
Ant Financial is headquartered in the Xihu District of Hangzhou in Zhejiang Province, China.
Can the general public visit Ant Financial’s corporate campus?
Ant Financial’s corporate campus in the Xihu District of Hangzhou is currently for staff only, and so is closed to the public.
Where are Ant Financial’s offices?
The main administrative office of our business is in the Xihu District of Hangzhou. We also have offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Chengdu, as well as outside of China.
How many employees are there in Ant Financial?
As of the end of June 2016, Ant Financial had approximately 7,000 employees.
How can we obtain information about job vacancies in Ant Financial?
Please check the official website and official Weibo and Wechat account of Ant Financial for our recruiting information.
How does Ant Financial help society?
Ant Financial is dedicated to creating value for society and is actively involved in corporate responsibility projects aimed at sustainable development. For more information, please visit the following pages: People Stories, Sustainable Development, Safety Education for Consumers, and Technological Innovation.