We buy Return Shipping Insurance for every single customer who places an order in our store. With a small increase in cost, our customers can have a hassle-free return process. It also saves us time. Moreover, we get better reviews from customers.

Return Shipping Insurance allows customers to shop with ease, and buying such insurance for customers has become an important tool for online merchants to improve their services.

Yi Weiwei

Lishui, 27, Tmall Store Customer Service

My parents paid for my college by growing and selling Chinese wolfberries. When they became too old to run the business, I decided to come home and open a Taobao shop with a few friends to sell wolfberries. With the help of online loans targeting Taobao merchants, we created our own brand and are selling our local produce all over China through franchises.

MYbank has provided collateral-free micro loans (loan size under RMB 1 million) to over 1.7 million small and micro enterprises, fostering entrepreneurship and creating new opportunities for China’s economy.

Fan Yongjia

Zhongwei, 25, Taobao Merchant

Inclusive Finance

Ant Financial Services Group (“Ant Financial”) believes the significance of inclusive financial services lies in providing equal access to financial services for individuals and businesses in need. This philosophy originated from ten-plus years of practice since the establishment of Alipay, as well as in the realities of inclusive financial services in developing countries, especially in China. Based on these circumstances, Ant Financial uses Alipay and other products and services as the basis for providing Internet financial services to the public. With the help of Big Data, cloud computing and other technologies, users can enjoy equal access to financial services. This greatly expands the scope of inclusive financial services.

I travel almost every month and have been to a dozen countries. Some people say travelling is a waste of hard-earned money. I say to them, how many hard-earned holidays have you wasted if you are not travelling? One should spend when one is still young. I can always pay in installments.

Ant Check Later works with Alitrip to offer payment in installments for its travel products, allowing many young people to travel whenever they want.

Zheng Yubing

Hangzhou, 25, Freelancer

I’ve never left our county my entire life. Now, we can buy refrigerators from Shenzhen. My son pushed a few buttons on his phone, and we received the refrigerator at home a few days later.

Alipay works with the Postal Savings Bank of China to provide users with quick payment service. People in rural areas can enjoy the same financial services as urban residents.

Wang Zhiquan

Tangshan, 44, Farmer

I am a fresh graduate without much money, but I didn’t want to share a flat with others. The real estate agency told me that I didn’t need to pay a deposit if my Zhima Credit score is high enough. I can also pay my rent monthly, instead of every three months in advance. I am so happy to benefit from my good credit score.

Zhima Credit partners with many rental agencies, providing tenants with good credit scores services such as zero deposit, and monthly rent payment (instead of the usual arrangement of paying three months’ rent in advance), thus helping young people settle down in big cities.

Chen Ziyi

Beijing, 22, Company Employee

Previously I had to ask my family to organize my cash based on value so I knew which bills to use when I went shopping. Now with Alipay, I can do a lot more without troubling others. I feel like I am no different from anyone else.

Alipay is providing services for 13 million visually impaired users, making it more convenient for them to shop, pay bills, buy wealth management products and book flights. “Text-to-speech” has not only become protocol for our software development, but also a marker of social equality.

Zhang Haibin

Beijing, 25, Visually Impaired Masseur

My daughter taught me to use Yu’e Bao. I am so happy and I’ve become the trendiest person among my friends. I have been teaching students my entire life. It is nice to be able to learn from my daughter.

Yu’e Bao has created returns for over 260 million users. Users can shop online, transfer money and pay bills directly from their Yu’e Bao accounts.

Jia Zhongling

Fushun, 47, Teacher

I am very detail-oriented. When I deliver packages, what I hate the most is keeping customers waiting when I don’t have enough change. Now with Alipay, I don’t have to keep them waiting any more.

EMS customers can track their packages and complete payments via Alipay. Alipay greatly improves efficiency and reduces waiting time.

Xu Cheng

Shanghai, 32, EMS Courier

Ten years ago, we had to run errands all over town. Now with Alipay, I can pay my bills, make doctor’s appointments, check the traffic, buy train tickets, and anything else you can think of, in the comfort of my home.

Ailpay, together with Alibaba Cloud, promotes a “Smart City” lifestyle for users in 347 cities. People can use the public services panel within Alipay to check their housing funds, pay hospital bills, order food, hail a ride or buy concert tickets. Everyone can enjoy a “smarter” life.

Zhang Kexian

Hangzhou, 47, Company Employee